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High Definition TV is a FREE signal which is broadcast over the air. The "over the air" signal is the highest quality HD signal available. If local broadcasts and standard channels are all your interested in then all you need is an HD antenna and you will get excellent quality High Definition TV for FREE.

Back to the Future may be the best way to describe the upcoming jump to digital broadcast signal here in the U.S. As the advancement of digital technology moves us forward by bringing us the sharpest images ever seen on our living room televisions, the no longer familiar sight of  outdoor antennas on poles and even the super retro look of rabbit ears may be back.

For those not interested in all the diverse programming offered on cable and satellite, you can receive your  local broadcast channels "off air" using an antenna. The signal quality is at least as good as signal quality offered through cable or satellite - and it's free!
There are no special requirements for setting up an HDTV antenna. In fact there isn't a specific HDTV antenna. Any antenna is capable of receiving HD digital signal.

Your choice for TV antenna should be based on what your reqirment are. If you plan on using the free "off air" signal for your entire household then it is suggested to install a good quality outdoor pole mounted antenna. If, on the other hand, your only interested in using -off air signal on a single TV or don't have the capability to wire the whole house, a small amplified antenna placed next to the TV is a good option.

Other factors such as where you live, signal strength in your area, condo or apartment rules and deed restrictions are also important factors when considering what type of antenna to use and antenna placement.

An indoor antenna would require for you to hook the antenna up to the antenna hook up on the back of the TV and have the antenna sit on top of the TV or somewhere nearby. 

An outdoor antenna would require a roof mount or an antenna pole which would allow the antenna to be taller than your house.

     An outdoor antenna will get a better signal. Installing one may require 2 people so that the antenna could be positioned for the best possible reception. One person would be inside making sure the TV is getting the best possible picture while the other person outside rotates the antenna towards the incoming signal.

     The wire/cable carrying the signal from the antenna would run through the attic or around the outside of the house from the antenna to the TV.

     With either type of antenna you need to make sure your TV has a built in HDTV tuner. Not all HDTV's have this so please check with the salesman you’re buying the TV from. Best bet would be to check the owners manual of the TV you are buying before you get it home. Also before you connect the antenna go to the TV's set up menu and make sure the signal is set to antenna or air, not cable or satellite. Now you are ready to watch HDTV.

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